Our Firm Profile

Our goal at Echols & Associates, L.L.C. is to serve our clients through a partnering relationship based on effective communication. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction. At Echols & Associates, L.L.C, we prefer long-term relationships grounded in mutual trust over short-term profits. We are capable of trying new approaches and adapting to your needs in a continuous effort to improve.


Working together with you as a team, we are better able to serve your needs. We will look for opportunities to bundle certain legal services to provide cost savings to you, to use any in-house expertise where advantageous, and to apply Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) approaches where appropriate.  We also actively seek to work as a team with your CPA, Financial Planner, and any other professional assisting you with your needs.


Communication leading to understanding your needs is indispensable. We work hard to avoid surprises. Early and periodic assessments and recommendations, and understandable legal advice are provided.


Your needs as a client come first. You deserve excellent service and we aim to deliver that service with integrity. We recognize that your issues do not exist in a vacuum and we recognize the importance of being your counselor, as well as your advocate. The potential impact of litigation, for example, is multi-faceted and should be approached from different perspectives. Accordingly, our role is not limited to litigation. We are also business advisors and problem solvers.

Client Satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our clients. A good end result is most significant, but the cost of legal services is also an important element of the relationship. We expect to receive a reasonable fee for our services. At the same time, we recognize that legal expenses may be significant and difficult to budget. A fee proposal suited to your needs will be provided with our engagement letter.