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Tax law is one of the most complex and intricate areas of law. The practice is highly technical and many of the laws differ from one state to another or one type of business to another in subtle but important ways. It is extremely important to get advice on issues related to this area of the law from legal professionals who understand tax law in general and the local regulations as they affect you, your assets, and your business dealings. Echols & Associates, L.L.C. provides a range of legal tax-related services to meet our clients needs, whether it is long-term planning to avoid unnecessary tax burdens, responding to issues with the IRS, or tax strategies for business dealings.

Long-term Planning

For clients who are concerned about preserving their assets and protecting them from unnecessary taxation, a little planning goes a long way. Echols & Associates, L.L.C. can help you plan your estate and design your business entities in ways that will maximize protection while minimizing exposure, allowing you to protect what you have worked to build both during your lifetime and when you are ready to pass assets along to your heirs.

Tax Litigation / Representation

Getting a letter or notice from the IRS, state or local taxing authorities can be an intimidating and even daunting event, but with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, you will be prepared to face the challenges from the IRS and other government agencies. Many clients are unaware that they can challenge the claims of these agencies and negotiate a settlement other than what they are initially offered. Echols & Associates, L.L.C. will represent you in any litigation or negotiations with these agencies, ensuring that your best interests are protected as you work towards a fair resolution.

Business Taxes

Echols & Associates, L.L.C. also provides legal services for businesses as they address various tax-related issues. Businesses encounter taxes in many forms, including income taxes, payroll taxes, and even special rules that apply to franchising or selling your business. We can help you navigate these often confusing areas of the law to ensure that you are avoiding those taxes that are unnecessary while still fulfilling your legal obligations at the local, state, and federal levels.

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